Great Harbour Cay is approximately 7 miles long and 2.5 miles at its widest point, located a short distance from the Florida coast, mid-way between Freeport and Nassau. Dock your vessel in our state-of-the art marina, or get here by air, and be prepared for an experience that will leave you wanting more.

Find ultra-romantic scenery, relaxing hideaways, and world-class fishing! Enjoy peaceful solitude on the beaches, take in a round of golf, sample local flavor in numerous restaurants, and visit Bullock's Harbour for some local culture and an evening out! Spoil yourself on your honeymoon or anniversary. Natural, tropical scenery and scents will calm and invigorate you with island flavor.

Come to Great Harbour Cay and experience an out-island adventure second to none!


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Kitesurfing on Great Harbour Cay? Absolutely. The island is being discovered as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the Caribbean. Please read further by following the Florida Sportsman link HERE   Local catch. Please follow the link to the resident's page for additional pictures. Follow link HERE.
Berry Islands Coral Reef & Marine Protected Areas Workshops for students and teachers

Students of grades 9-12 at the R.N. Gomez All Age school were treated to a 'Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip" (VCRFT) workshop. Not only did they learn about coral reef conservation, but they also simulated the role of a marine biologist surveying a coral reef and won prizes in REEF BINGO. Last month, this workshop was also conducted with 6 schools in Abaco. Since its launch in November, the VCRFT has reached over 1200 students and their Biology teachers.

The R.N. Gomez teachers spent an entire day with BREEF's environmental educator, Charlene Carey, who brought home the importance of Marine Protected Areas as a conservation tool with special emphasis placed on the South Berry Islands Marine Reserve. Teachers were engaged throughout the session and were able to offer their management recommendations through a mock public consultation meeting. Arnold Hope, Social Studies teacher who also attended the BREEF summer workshop in 2008 remarked, "To this day I still feel the impact of my BREEF workshop experience, it has greatly influenced my teaching." Principal Mr. Clevelend Ramsey has issued an open invitation for BREEF to share and enrich the lives of the students, teachers and community.

Photo: Charlene Carey (BREEF) & Arnold Hope (R.N. Gomez)







More than three-times the size of Manhattan, the South Berry Island marine protected area ("MPA") is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the Bahamas. Funding of this project will help The Nature Conservancy transform the South Berry Islands Marine Reserve into the nation’s first no-take marine reserve, contributing to healthy marine habitats and species and supporting sustainable livelihoods for the people of the Berry Islands.

The protected area will encompass more than 70 square miles of ocean extending 5 miles south of Chub Cay northward to Little Whale Cay. About one quarter of the area contains shallow sand flats and creeks, important for the proliferation of conch, snapper and other shallow water species. The remaining three quarters of the protected area plunges to thousands of feet where deep oceanic species roam.

The Bahamas was one of the initial countries to participate and to announce their commitment to the 20/20 Caribbean Initiative Challenge.


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